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Family Bibles

Family Bible Restoration


•Leather Restoration

•Page Repair & Cleaning

•Photo/Picture Restoration

•Fixing Broken Text Blocks

•Text Block Sewing

•Gilding Restoration

•Fore-Edge Gilding Restoration

•Clasp Restoration & Fabrication

Above are a list of the various services we offer for Family Bible restorations. For more information

or to receive a quote for restoration work contact us.

Below are images that illustrate the condition of the bible before & after restoration


Clasp Fabrication

We offer clasp fabrication and restoration.
If your family bible is missing a piece
or the entire clasp system,
we offer fabrication solutions to restore
or create new clasps for your bible.

This image depicts a clasp fabrication in progress, the patina was in the process of being matched to the original clasp. the clasp to the left is the new clasp, created in the image of the original clasp to the right.

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